DOM Recipe

Nötiga och krämiga bars

Nutty and creamy bars

The perfect snack or snack. Nutty and creamy bars. Satisfying and delicious! more

närbild på cookie dough bollar som ligger i en skål

Cookie Dough

Craving coffee? Sure you are, here is our recipe for a quick and easy cookie dough that can be eaten straight away as... more

Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal Cookies with chocolate, raisins and nuts. Combining healthy recipes with confectionery = healthy coffee. Disc... more

Mango och banan smoothie

Mango and banana smoothie

Recipe for a really fresh and refreshing smoothie bowl. Rich in vitamins with ingredients such as mango, banana and k... more

Macaroons med kokos och choklad

Macaroons with coconut and chocolate

The perfect mix of coconut, chocolate and vanilla. You will love these! more

Iskaffe med kanel

Iced coffee with cinnamon

Cool off this summer with a vegan iced coffee, tasty, simple and invigorating! Get inspired - read about more healthy... more