Whoever you are and however you live your life - Welcome to Drop Of Mindfulness!

We do our best to catch up and to be on time. To be ready and to be enough. To assemble our life puzzle and for us to cope. Because we are someone's friend, sister, partner and daughter. But also because we are only human in a world where the demands are ever so high, the pace ever so fast and the ideals ever so narrow.

In all that, we want to remind you of you. About what your are and who you are, beneath all the layers of musts and to-do lists. About what makes your heart rate drop and your shoulders to relax. About what can't really be put into words. About what makes life a little more wonderful to live.

Drop of mindfulness is a well-being brand founded by Princess Sofia and Carolina Pihl in New York in 2010. For more than ten years, we have designed training clothes for life, with the goal of making women dare to focus on themselves and find exactly what they feel good about - no matter what it is.


We believe that strength starts from within. We believe in the importance of finding one's oasis in the hectic everyday life in order to achieve balance. We want to inspire you to take time out for yourself and focus on the present. It doesn't matter what it is - going to the gym, out for a run or yoga. Find something that gives you power, energy, balance and do it as often as you can. What's your drop?