*You have a 30-day return and cancellation right.

At the moment we are experiencing delays in the returns process. We work as quickly as possible to process your return.

We want your return process to be as easy for you and to impact the environment as little as possible. Please read all instructions before making your return or size exchange.


Follow these steps to change the size:
- Register your change via the form below.
- Pack the products together in original condition and preferably in the same bag.
- Don't forget to put your order confirmation in the package.

- Go to the nearest agent and show the QR code on your mobile phone.

The shipping cost of the new order will be refunded when we receive your size change.


All our returns are label-free, i.e. no return labels are sent with your order. The return label is created only if you need it and is printed at your agent or taken by Budbee. With this, we reduce the environmental impact.


Follow these steps to make a return:

  • Fill in the form bellow, pack the products in their original condition
  • Feel free to put the products in the same bag to reduce the climate impact.
  • Stick on your return label that you received with your order. EU orders get a pre printed return label. If you make a return from outside EU, follow instructions bellow.

ATTENTION! All returns made with Budbee are easily booked in the Budbe app. Read more about it here Budbee Returns.


If you have an item from us that needs to be complained about due to production errors or the like. Click on the link below and register the complaint. Take a clear card with your mobile phone and explain your complaint as clearly as possible. We always follow the ARN (General complaint terms) if a dispute between consumer and retailer arises.

When you register your complaint, we will contact you with shipping information or how to handle your case.

We want your return process to be as simple as possible and impact the environment as little as possible. Please read all instructions carefully before making your return or size change.

Before you start your return with us, we want the returned or exchanged product to be in new condition, unused with the label still on. Once we have received your return, it may take up to 14 days for the quality assessment of the returned or exchanged product to be finalized and approved. We will contact you if your return or change of size does not pass the quality assessment. If the returned product or products are dirty from makeup or deodorant, we will credit you with 30% of the product's value.

If the return is approved, it is credited via your Klarna invoice. If you paid by card via Klarna or Pay Pal, it can take up to 5 banking days before you see the money.

We charge a return cost of 10 EUR from orders within EU (except Sweden) and remove it from your order amount.

Return Label is included in the package only for Swedish and EU orders. Unfortunately, we don’t have that option available for other regions at the moment but we are working on being able to offer it outside the EU. In case you haven’t received a return label, you’ll have to send the package back on your own (instructions bellow).


We don´t offer a return label for orders outside EU and Sweden at the moment. Our customer service can help you with a return label if you want. Email with your order number. You as a customer will stand for the return cost outside EU and Sweden.

You can use a shipping method of your choice but keep in mind that by doing so.

  • You take full responsibility for the shipment until it has been delivered directly to our return address.
  • We are not able to retrieve any returns that end up at service points or any other place that is not our address.
  • We will not be able to reimburse you for any additional shipping costs or customs fees.
  • We will not be able to reimburse you for returns that are lost in transit.

 Ship to this address:

Grand Projects Sweden AB c/o Swedcirc AB 
Rörläggarvägen 7
331 53 VÄRNAMO