Träningsredskap för hemmaträning

Training equipment for home training

Here is the training equipment you need for your home training

training tools from drop of mindfulness

Exercise bands are an excellent complement for those of you who want to be able to train your body wherever you are. The weight bands make it easy for you to carry out home training at any time. Besides being flexible and time efficient, it also gives you improved balance, strength and flexibility, as using the weight bands requires controlling movements.

Exercise bands are also perfect as an alternative for those who do not have access to free weights. An exercise band takes up minimal space and weighs nothing, so you can take your exercise with you, regardless of whether you are at home, in the summer cottage or if you prefer outdoor exercise.

Our exercise bands come in three different strengths to suit your muscle training. This allows you to use different strengths for different muscle groups.

Light: 10-13 Kg
Medium: 15-18 Kg
Heavy: 20-23 Kg

Yoga mat VERDICT

Make your home training more comfortable with our exercise mat

The exercise mat is perfect to use for sit-ups, push-ups or other exercises that you perform on the ground.

It not only gives you comfort but also stability during functional exercises. If you are looking for a firm and good grip, our exercise mat is an excellent choice, both at the gym, for the yoga room or for your home training.

Our exercise mat also has engraved lines for better focus but also a black carrying strap, which means you can easily and conveniently take the mat with you wherever you go.

Try these three exercises on the exercise mat:

Lying leg lift
Lying leg lift, also called hipthrust, is a perfect exercise if you want to train the trunk, seat and legs. The only thing you need is an exercise mat and your own body weight. If you want more resistance, you can also place a weight band in the middle of the thighs and pull the knees out from each other in the top position.

How to do a hip thrust:

Lie on your back on your exercise mat with your hands by your sides
Place your feet directly under your knees, fairly close to your butt
Lift up from the hip
Stay in the top position for a couple of seconds and tighten your butt

Mountain climbers
This is an exercise that strengthens your body while improving your balance, coordination and fitness. It is mainly the muscles in the stomach, arms, buttocks and thighs that are trained.

How to do mountain climbers:
Get on all fours with your hands placed directly under your shoulders
Pull every other knee in towards the elbow
Increase the intensity by repeating the movement faster

The plank
This is a static exercise that strengthens your stomach and back muscles, but where your seat, arms and legs also get to work. The plank also improves your flexibility and balance.

Here's how to do the plank:
Get on all fours with your wrists placed directly under your shoulders
Tuck in your toes and lift your knees off the mat
Tighten your stomach and make sure your back is straight - avoid slouching!

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