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Routines in everyday life


routines in everyday life Drop of Mindfulness

Sofie Axhag - see video here

"I'm probably not alone in feeling that the pandemic has been a tangible feeling. It has both been anxiety-inducing but also served as a bit of a wake-up call for me. I've had to readjust and adapt, I've had to change my way of thinking and try to find routines that works for me in particular. While the constant everyday life exists and time embraces us in different ways, it is important to create the right routines. Because even if Corona cannot be influenced, you can influence how you feel and feel about this."


"I can no longer remember when running has not been a part of my life. How my heart rate increases and the sweat begins to flow. How I wave away the strands of hair that cover my face and how I change songs because my pace has increased. That we are now in a pandemic with less and less options to find meaning in everyday life, the demands on my routines have definitely increased. Getting out into my usual running track and running away from all stress is now one of my biggest priorities. Maybe Corona has given me an eye-opening picture of how meaningful running actually is to me."

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