Outdoor training

Meet the summer with outdoor training

It can feel daunting to get out and exercise, especially when the weather isn't quite on your side and the gym might not feel like a good option. But we promise, as much as it may feel daunting before, it will feel at least as good afterwards. Do you want inspiration and tips on how to get a good outdoor workout?

outdoor training

Exercising outdoors is the perfect option for those who feel that the gym does not appeal or that the living room is too small. Find the nearest outdoor gym or park and take advantage of the endless opportunities to exercise on your own terms in the fresh air - only your imagination puts an end to your training.

Is there, for example, a high pole and a park bench? There are excellent conditions for a good session of outdoor training. Use the bench to do triceps exercises, push-ups, step ups or lunges. Use the bar for pull-ups or just hang to strengthen the muscles around the shoulders. Do you have stairs nearby? - Running or walking up and down stairs is perfect exercise for both leg strength and fitness. When the session is over, the lawn is a perfect place to lay out our exercise mat and do the final stretch.

Training outdoors

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