Norr company x DOM

Norr company x DOM

Norr Company strives to produce a high-quality drink in combination with a sustainable mindset. They felt that there was no drink on the market that contained the right ingredients composed of nutrients that both maintain important fluids in the body and at the same time keep you hydrated. For every bottle that Norr sells, they donate a sum to children in vulnerable situations. Today, a child dies every minute from diseases related to thirst and dehydration. Giving back is one of their most important goals – together Norr keeps rehydrating the world.

close-up of a girl in workout clothes holding a drink

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"This is not about charity: this is about what we can achieve — together."

Through exercise, heat and stress, Norr believes that with the right amount of salts and minerals in their drink, you can quickly regain your strength and achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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