Home collection del 2

Home collection part 2


Maybe you glance at the thermometer an extra time before you step out the door. The air is slightly crisper and the tones of the leaves begin to shift to slightly warmer shades. There is something special about adjusting from the summer heat and changing the wardrobe. New or old routines are created, new ways of shaping everyday life and making it go around become relevant and even more important is finding new ways to motivate yourself when the hours are getting shorter. Go for a run to fill up on endorphins, curl up on the couch with a cup of tea in hand or cook that new dish you've been meaning to treat a friend to for so long. We want this period to be as important as any other in your life.

Drop of Mindfulness Home Collection pt 2

“Home sweet home, because even if you go anywhere else, even paradise, you will always have a little longing to go back home”

With our new "Home Collection", we want you to reflect on what filled your batteries from the past year. What makes your body and mind feel at their best? Reflecting on how your past year has reshaped you and if it has given you any particular impact! Has anything changed? Something that made you appreciate everyday life a little extra?

"I have realized that I need to socialize and spend more time with my family".
"I have learned to appreciate my surroundings much more".
"That I can certainly take time for myself to recharge the batteries".
"That personal time should be a priority for everyone".

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