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Padel has had an extreme boost in recent years, even if you or someone close to you doesn't play, you've probably heard of the sport. But how did it all really begin? What is the history of padel? Although the sport itself has seen a new flourishing, it may seem surprising that it was already played on various cruise ships in the 20th century. Enrique Corcuera is considered the founder of the sport. On his property in Mexico, he had a tennis court with enormous vegetation all around, and so that the tennis court would not disappear among all the trees and plants, he had walls built around the court. He and his players then discovered the pleasure of using the walls so that the ball could bounce and the game could thus continue. When Enrique Corcuera later turned one, his wife gave him a self-made rule book about the sport that later came to be known as Paddle Corcuera or Paddle Tennis, the sport's first set of rules. The sport later spread to Spain as Corcueras and his friend, the Spanish prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe, often played together. Hohenlohe appreciated the sport so much that he allowed himself to build the first courts at the Hotell Marbella Club. In 2012, the World Padel tour was founded and is now played worldwide. Today, the sport is found all over the world, but surprisingly, Sweden is one of the countries where the sport is growing the fastest.



The activity that is not only associated with exercise but can also become part of your lifestyle. With the racket in one hand and the ball in the other, you can count on a mixture of joy, a great time with friends and training at the same time. Regardless of whether you have played racquet sports before or not, you will be guaranteed to quickly get the ball moving and activate your body in a simple way.

Padel is a fast-paced and varied sport with both fitness, coordination and strength in focus. Here you get to work up your pulse with the high tempo, work intensively with both your torso, arms and back and drill your coordination as you don't want to miss the balls that bounce wildly along the walls. Many appreciate padel thanks to the fact that the social part is so rewarding. It usually contributes to a lot of laughter, where not infrequently the competitive instinct is put on the line. And finally, of course, it goes away, swish and all of a sudden an hour has passed and today's training is over in no time.


Motion comes in many shapes and forms....but even if the score is not the focus, there are a few rules to adhere to:

There is a certain difference with the serve in padel compared to tennis. The serve in padel must always be hit from below at waist height and bounce towards the ground. The serve must also be made behind one's own serve box and between the center line and the side walls. The ball must then travel diagonally across to the opponent's side. The serve must not hit the net or the grid because then the serve is not allowed. Ready, set, serve….

The scoring is done in the same way as in tennis. Here you play best of 3 or 5 sets and where each set consists of 6 games. The count for a game looks like this: 0, 15, 30, 40, game. Of course, it can end with the score 40-40, in which case you must win by 2 points for the game to be decided. The first to 6 won games is what counts, but if the score were to be 5-5, you can continue to 7 won games. However, it can end in a tiebreak, which means that the standings end in a 6-6 tie. Then the tiebreak is determined by someone first having to win 7 won games with at least two points....but who's really counting?

Padel ball
The balls used for padel are slightly softer and with less pressure than a tennis ball for the reason that they should bounce more easily against the court and the glass walls. As a beginner, it is perfectly fine to use regular tennis balls. Game, set, match…


Padel outfit
Now for the best part (if we may be biased). Sure, it may seem important to be a skilled padel player, but in our opinion, the outfit does half the part. Our limited Court Collection is created because we want to encourage you to feel both comfortable but also trendy on the court. In shorts, a skirt or a dress, you can smoothly and easily follow the ball in the game. With a tank top, t-shirt or sports bra, you can adapt to your exact level of ambition, while you can freely choose how you want to combine our products.

Yoga on the court?
As you can see, there are many similarities between the ancient yoga and the sport of padel. Both have a practiced breathing technique, strength training as well as flexibility, balance and mobility. Yoga promotes focus and mental clarity and helps with muscle recovery after exercise. So if someone wants to do some extra stretching or strengthening before he/she hits the court or even just to help heal after the game, give yoga a try. There are many benefits that yoga can provide to any player trying to get better on and off the field.
Find your new favorites in our Court Collection, whether you're on or off the court!

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Bra information om padel! Tack för detta.

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