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Home collection


Our new collection is shaped and created with help from nature. It is composed with a wide range of earthy notes that keep us reminded of where we come from and where our roots really come from, something we at DOM always strive to achieve. Pieces from our collection also aim to provide a down-to-earth approach. We want to combine the feeling of comfort, flexibility together with the feeling of luxury, giving both your interior and exterior a shiny luster, just as it should be.

We at DOM truly believe in finding new ways to find our way back to ourselves. We believe that strength starts from within, on a base built of balance in the hectic everyday life we now live in, regardless of where you live or where you come from. We want you to find your inner peace, find your passion & find your focus to be in the present. It doesn't matter what it is, in the gym, out on the running track, on the sofa or through yoga. Find something that gives you strength, energy, balance and do it as often as you can. What's your drop?

Home Collection Drop of Mindfulness

"We have learned to embrace, apply and love where we live."

Imagine that you and your best friends check into a cozy hotel somewhere in your area to recharge your batteries. Your year has definitely been different and probably we all agree that we needed to adjust both mentally and physically to find ourselves back. Creating new routines, shaping our way of thinking and building new habits for our new lifestyle is only part of the past year.

The year has most likely given us a broader understanding of how quickly things can turn upside down. Fewer trips, less physical contact, less training but perhaps our biggest challenge has been finding enough motivation and energy to keep us going and not lose our minds completely. Hopefully we've learned a thing or two along the way.

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