Knowing which size you have to get the best fit is not simple. Our size guide is here to make it easier for you to choose your size. Here you will see how to measure correctly to know which size that fits you and your body. We have training clothes in both large sizes and small sizes (XS-XL). You will also find information about our most popular materials, seamless patterns, and function with associated tights and sports bras measurements.


1. Bust
Place one end of the measuring tape at the largest part of the chest and measure all around.

2. Length
Measure the length of the bust by placing the tape measure vertically where it begins and measuring to it's lowest point.

3. Waist
Use the tape measure to measure the waist, the widest part above the belly button, and below the ribcage.

4. Inner leg
Measure on the inside of the leg about 3 centimeters down from the groin and at the bottom to the ankle.



Our Seamless tights are very popular with our customers and with ourselves at DOM. Seamless is a knitting method that creates a stylish design and fit, with as few stitches as possible. By choosing seamless for your workout wardrobe, you are making a sustainable choice for our planet. Seamless circular knitting minimizes production waste, which reduces wastage and environmental impact. Below you will find our best-selling tights in seamless material Cora, Jeane, and Cleo.


Our tights in functional materials are created to give you the best possible comfort during your training session. The training tights breathe and have an absorbent effect that keeps you dry and cool during training. The tights have a perfect fit that gives the feeling of a second skin. Below you will find our best-selling tights in functional materials Eden, Tyra, and Gigi.



Finding the right sports bra is not easy, but below you will find the measurements of our sports bras in seamless material. So that you can easily find the size that suits you. Below you will find our best-selling sports bras in seamless material, Maya, Cia, and Jill.


Our sports tops in functional materials fit like a second skin. A sports bra in functional material is a must in the training wardrobe to keep you dry and cool during training. Below you will find our best-selling sports bras in functional materials Thea, Gemma, and Moa.