Seamless is perfect for all kinds of activities and for everyday use. Our seamless tights and sports bras sit softly against the body and stay in place throughout the training session. Seamless circular knitting also has a smaller impact on our planet.
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Seamless training clothes, perfectly adapted for all your training needs. Our seamless training clothes are not only comfortable and flexible, they are also an excellent eco-friendly option for your training wardrobe as they are made with circular knitting which means they have minimal sewing and have a smaller impact on our planet. Our Seamless collection includes seamless tights with a high waist that sits softly against the body and provides support throughout the training session. To complete your outfit, we also have a matching Seamless sports bra and Seamless tops. Made from the same high-quality materials as our tights, they provide a comfortable and supportive fit. Regardless of whether you practice yoga, running, or gym training, our Seamless collection has something that suits you. Our seamless training clothes are also perfect for your daily use and provide a comfortable and stylish look. Find your perfect match for your training and lifestyle. With our seamless workout clothes, you can feel comfortable while making a positive contribution to our planet. Also discover our Ribbed Seamless collection, for all our styles in ribbed seamless and Core Collection.