The morning routine

yoga pose morning routine

Give yourself your own time in the morning and enjoy the peace of the morning. Let yourself start the day the way you want and desire.

Take a deep breath and oxygenate your body with the fresh morning air. Listen inwardly and set your affirmations for the day!

Set a morning routine. Greet the sun and welcome the day by bringing your arms up to the blue sky in a deep breath. Exhale and fold the body forward, bend the legs and inhale, then slowly roll up through the spine. Repeat the pattern.

yoga pose by the pool
Bend the body forward and place the hands that suit you, on the shins or on the ground. Then slightly bend your legs and step back with both feet, you will now end up in the plank position and lightly activate your core and focus inward. Lower your body to the ground and lift your chest to float into the cobra. Together with a deep breath you lower your shoulders, this is your moment to start the day in the best way for you!
If activating your body isn't your thing, try to activate your brain and senses first thing in the morning anyway.
Take the time to take it easy in the morning. Instead of suddenly being woken by the alarm, jumping out of bed and starting the day at a stressful pace to try to catch up on as many things as possible, try to take it easy and enjoy the morning.
Make sure to focus on you first thing in the morning.
Avoid the mobile screen that is so easily at hand in the morning. Give yourself a few screen-free minutes in the morning as the screen will probably be with you for the rest of the day and evening.

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