Stretch Collection FW22

Stretch Collection FW22

The Stretch Collection is designed for the modern woman who is always on the go, is a multi-tasker and strives to achieve something extraordinary in life. We want to both inspire and encourage them to explore their own limits, expectations and their psyche and physicality. When you explore, that's when you grow. When you grow - you feel good.

"Stretch yourself, stretch the moment - Stretch Collection".

In our new collection you will find new styles and completely new materials that you want to wear. Everything from new ribbed seamless materials and training tights for autumn outdoor training. Our new Tights Tyra are designed in a matte luxurious functional material with a high waist and stay in place throughout the training session. The tights have a high waist and a V-shape for a perfect fit. A basic garment that you must have in your training wardrobe. We have produced a brand new sports bra in a brand new neat design with no visible seams. Thea has adjustable straps and is perfect for light workouts or everyday wear.

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