Packningstips inför resan

Packing tips for the trip

Surely you always pack too much on your trip? Here are some simple tips on how to pack smarter for your next trip!

Use storage bags - Buying storage bags will help you keep track of your pack. For example, you can buy the bags in different colors and different sizes, that way you know which bag contains tops and which one contains swimwear.

Roll the clothes - This way you save space in the bag and minimize the risk of bulky clothes and ugly creases.

Pack for outfits - Plan even before the trip which clothes you will take with you and how these can be combined with each other. Feel free to take photos of the outfits on the bed or in the mirror so you have an idea of ​​what you have with you and how you thought about each garment.

Use travel packaging - Packing your products such as shampoo, conditioner, skin care, etc. gives you more room for other things in your bag. There are really good things to buy in recycled metal.

Fill the shoes - If you plan to bring several pairs of shoes with you, we recommend that you also fill them with things to maximize the space in your bag.

Wear the heaviest and most awkward clothes - Maybe you want to bring a jacket or sweater to be able to wear in the evenings. Then you save space by taking it with you during the journey to your destination.

Bring a tote bag - You can easily fold a tote bag into the bag, that way you get an extra bag with you in case you come home with more things than you went there with. You also have a perfect canvas bag for the beach and for excursions! We can warmly recommend our tote bag or DOM bag depending on what size you want!

Below, we have also collected a packing list for a sun vacation that can help you when you have to pack for your next trip! ☀️

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