It can feel daunting to get out and exercise, especially when the weather is not completely on your side and the gym may not feel like a good option. But we promise, as much as it may feel daunting beforehand, it will feel at least as good afterwards. Do you want inspiration and tips on how to get a good outdoor workout?

Outdoor gym or park

Visit your nearest outdoor gym or park. If there is a high bar and a park bench, you do not need more to get a good workout. Use the bench to do tricep exercises, push-ups and step ups. Use the bar for pull-ups or just hang to strengthen the muscles around your shoulders. Do you have stairs nearby? – Running / walking up and down stairs is perfect training for both leg strength and fitness.

The forest

Take a long, refreshing walk in the woods. The uneven terrain means that you use muscles that you do not normally use when you go for a regular walk on flat ground. The fresh air, the chirping of birds and the feeling of being one with nature gives effects of well-being for more than just the body. 


Skip the car and take the bike to work or to the store. If possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Finding everyday exercise is important – especially in today’s society as we are very sedentary during the day.

Fresh air

People in Sweden spend about 90% of their time indoors and do not come into contact with any fresh air daily. Bad air makes us not only unconcentrated but also tired and less productive. Breathing is of course something we do subconsciously, but the fact is that if you go out into nature and get some fresh air, you will, according to research, perform better and become a better decision maker.

Vitamin D

Maybe you have noticed that you feel a little better in the summer than in the winter when the sun shines and you automatically get a natural layer of vitamin D added to your body? This is because low levels of vitamin D affects your mood. Vitamin D not only improves your mood but also your immune system and muscle function and contributes to the maintenance of the body’s bone structure. Do not forget SPF with high protection.

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