Our new collection is shaped and created with help from mother nature. It is assembled with a large range of earthy tones keeping us reminded where we come from, where our roots truly lie. We believe that these colours tie us closer together which will keep us constantly grounded, something we at DOM always strive to achieve.

Pieces from our collection also aim to give a down-to-earth approach combined with a feeling of comfortablity, flexiblity alongside the feeling of lust, bringing both your inside and outside glowing just as it should.

Seamless – Garments that are created for all forms of training. The seamless tights called “Cora” are designed with a high waist that sits softly against the body and in place during an entire training session. Our sports bra “Trinity” is made to sit comfortably and fit your body exactly as it is. 

“Home sweet home, because even if you go anywhere else, even paradise, you will always have a little longing to go back home”

Imagine you and a few of your best friends checking into our country house somewhere in your nearby environment to recharge your batteries. Your year has definitely been different and everybody agrees on needing to reload both mentally and physically, finding yourself back to who you have lost during the last period. Enjoying each other’s company, eating well, going on cozy walks and just soaking in the pleasant moments.

Another year has passed which most likely has given us a broader understanding of how quickly things can be turned upside down. Maybe we have come to new insights or realizations for how important it is to enjoy our short time here on earth, seeing as things might not have turned out quite as we had planned….

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