Brown: Brown can sometimes be referred to as a color that usually fades away in combination with other colors. But at the same time, brown is an incredibly warm and earthy color that we can find everywhere in both plant- and animal kingdoms. The use of the color in different environments has the ability to make you feel focused and relaxed. 

Keywords: Concentration, down to earth and Nature.

Green:”Green is beautiful” – don’t you agree? The fact is that green is one of the easiest colors for the eye to comprehend. Green surfaces give a feeling of harmony and can satisfy our tired eyes. The green color is usually associated with nature and therefore also creates a calming effect, it makes us connect to our natural roots. In our creation of products, we always try to return to the colors of nature

Keywords: nature, harmony and balance.


In our latest collection ”Everyday collection” 2021, you will find several different shades of blue. Seamless in new styles in the colors spring blue, dark blue and sea blue. New models of sports bras for all sizes of bust with wider straps in a covering model. Under the category seamless you will find all models and colors that suit all types of activities.

Blue: What color do you think of when you need peace and quiet? The color blue is usually associated with harmony and often creates a satisfied body & soul. Environments with the color blue make us breathe calmer and blink less often. Some claim that one becomes more productive in environments with a lot of blue precisely because of its calming effect.

Keywords: peace, tranquility and the sea.

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