Whoever you are and how ever you choose to live your life – We want to inspire you to figure out how to find the balance to live a healthy life.


We do our best to do enough and to be enough. To make time and to make it in time. To try and keep up with our fast-moving lives in a fast-moving world. We are all people trying to navigate in a society where the pace is getting faster, the demands are getting higher and the ideals narrower. But beneath all the agendas and to-do-list lays the most important part: you are you. You are someones best friend, daughter, mother, sister or partner. And that is what we want to remind you of. We want to remind you of the value of things that are hard to put into words, after all those are the things that makes life a bit better. We want to inspire you to figure out how to the find the balance to live a healthy lifestyle.

Whoever you are and how ever you choose to live your life – Welcome to Drop of Mindfulness!

Drop Of Mindfulness is a wellbeing brand founded by Princess Sofia of Sweden and Carolina Pihl in 2010, New York. For more then 10 years we have designed activewear with the aim to suit women in different phases in life. Our wish is that our costumer, each time she wears our garment, is reminded to find the key to her wellbeing – whatever that might be.


It doesn’t matter whether it is meditation, yoga, dancing or running. Find what gives you balance and do it with love, as often as you can. So – What’s you drop?

True strength comes from within. We believe that finding your oasis in the hectic everyday life is the core for all strong women out there. Trust that when you take time for yourself, focusing on the present, is when you grow.


Magazine is created for you to unwind, to find inspiration in life, to find your lifestyle, but above all, DOM Magazine is created to give you the tools you need to invest in yourself and your wellbeing. Here you will find a wonderful mix of health tips, recipes, exercises and inspiration from fantastic women. DOM Magazine is for you, for me and for all incredible women out there.

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